Things I’ve made or are in progress.

I’ve worked on many projects over the years, and have more upcoming...

  • The Sae Scroll Prophecies

    Synn. A name that holds a fragile peace together between the four ruling kingdoms. A prophet, so they say, foretold in the Sae Scrolls to ease the lands suffering. But Synn has denied the Maker and achieved the opposite of what was foreseen… Held in captivity for thirty years, Synn is accused of the genocide of Sha’am, a feat he has no memory of. In his bleak isolated cell, conjurations of Death and Chaos empower and torment his frenzied mind. Whilst Death recreates a daily murder of a woman Synn thinks is his mother, Chaos yearns for escape. As the kingdoms begin to fray Synn seeks to unravel his mysterious past and claim vengeance against the kings who confine, by harnessing the Weapon of God: the fabled machination that allegedly wrought Sha’am’s ruin. Elsewhere in the land Tellus fights to survive in the Slums of Brehn, looking for a way out until a chance encounter provides the opportunity she may have just been searching for. Alain struggles to carry the weight of responsibility that comes with being the firstborn son in his family and Adun tries to stop his foster son, Joh’s imminent self-destruction. As the lines between truth, history and fable blur, the only question is: who is hero and who is villain?