Greig Miller.

Born in 1981 in Sutton, Surrey, Greig Miller loved fantasy from a young age writing short stories and taking in as much content as possible across a range of platforms – cartoons, books, video games, films and music.

Greig had the idea in his head for the basis of what would become the Sae Scroll Prophecies when he was 18, but before he started to put pen to paper he joined heavy metal band Gridlock Takedown as the vocalist, putting his efforts into that band, playing the London Astoria 2, The Garage, The Underworld and many other venues, gathering a loyal support on the underground scene.

When Gridlock Takedown disbanded, Greig needed a break from music and decided it was the perfect time to write the novel that he’d carried in his head for so long. Fast forward to 2023 and The Sae Scroll Prophecies is finished and due for release soon.

In his spare time Greig is a hardcore MMA fan, a long-time fan of pro-wrestling, a lover of travelling and exploring the world, begrudgingly working out and having a beer or two with his friends. He is currently working on a few musical projects, learning how to play the guitar and working on his second book The Toad Rebellion!